Local Rules

Check out our list of local rules that have been created to maximise
enjoyment for all while out on our 9-hole course!

1. Have Fun!

2. Out of Bounds (Rule 18.2)

a) Any fence or wall around the perimeter of the course defines the boundary. A ball is out of bounds when it is beyond any wall defining the boundary.
b) The driving range as defined by white stakes.
c) The reservoir in the centre of the course, surrounded by fencing, is out of bounds.

3. Penalty Areas (Rule 17)

a) All penalty areas are defined by red stakes.
b) When a penalty area adjoins a boundary, the penalty area edge extends to and coincides with the boundary.

4. Abnormal Course Conditions (Immovable Obstructions and GUR) (Rule 16.1)

a) All artificially surfaced roads and paths.
b) The star teeing areas on each hole.
c) All staked trees.
d) French drains (stone-filled drainage ditches).
e) Any area bounded by a white line or a white dotted line is Ground Under Repair (GUR).

5. Integral Objects (no free relief)

a) All natural roads, tracks and pathways.
b) Bunker liners in their intended position.

6. Immovable Obstructions Close to Putting Green (MLR F-5)

If a player’s ball is in the general area, they may take free relief under Rule 16.1b if an Immovable Obstruction is on the line of play and is:
a) Within two club-lengths of the putting green.
b) Within two club-lengths of the ball

Penalty for Breach of Local a Rule: Match Play – Loss of Hole. Stroke Play – Two strokes.

8. Bunkers

Preferred lies within the bunkers, the ball can be placed in the bunker within one club-length not nearer to the hole than where the ball came to rest.

9. Be Kind to Each Other and the Course

Please take care of the course, for example, by replacing divots and repairing pitch marks.

Please show consideration for others by playing at a prompt pace and looking out for the safety of others.

Please keep up with the group in front. Let faster groups play through if necessary.

If in doubt have a free drop on us.  We won’t tell anyone!