Sustainable Future

Sustainability has been central to Golf It! from the start and is embedded in everything that we do. We are committed to not only reducing our impacts but also to maximizing the positive value that Golf It! can have for people and planet. With climate action, nature protection and community value driving our activities we will keep striving to do even more, working together for a more sustainable


Energy from renewable sources


Waste sent to landfill


Wildflower meadows


Species of plants and animals


Taking Climate Action

Built to be energy efficient the Hub is also powered by 100% renewable energy. We host electric car charging stations for visitors and use electric mowers on the course, all reducing noise, air pollution and carbon. Our friends at The Big Feed carefully source local, seasonal, sustainable and lower carbon food and drink for us all to enjoy. We’re always looking forward and are committed to measure and reduce our carbon footprint every year, continually striving to do more.

irrigation (2)

Conserving Resources

From a state of the art targeted irrigation system and recycling water at our maintenance facilities to the reusable cups and compostable packaging in the Hub, we take care of the limited resources our planet has. Following the rule: Reduce, Reuse, Recycle across all of our operations we’re committed to sending zero waste to landfill.

bug hotel

Protecting Nature

We are proud of the incredible variety of wildlife that call Golf It! home and, with the help of expert ecologists, encourage and protect it. While exploring the nature trails keep an eye out for the safe areas we’ve set aside for water voles, the bug hotels, bird and bat boxes and wildflower meadows and, of course our resident heard of Roe Deer.


Sustainable Greenkeeping

With a love of nature at the heart of what they do our team of Greenkeeping team, supported by The R&A’s Sustainable Agronomy Service and GEO Foundation for Sustainable Golf are leading the way in sustainable golf. From turf grass selection to course design, everything has been considered to reduce inputs like water and fertiliser and to maximise the ecological value of the course.

On Bikes

Together for
the Planet

This is a team effort and you can play your part too. While you’re visiting Golf It! please use the recycling bins provided, enjoy and respect the wildlife that call Golf It! home, and if you can use the bus or car share to get to us. Or better yet, visit our friends at On Bikes to get set up with some wheels.