Written by Golfit!

Think golf’s a bit stuffy? Bit boring? Too expensive?

Golf It! is a hugely ambitious project from The R&A . We’re breaking boundaries and smashing golf misconceptions!

Martin Slumbers, Chief Executive of The R&A said: “Golf It! is a fantastic opportunity for Glasgow to be introduced to the sport in a welcoming, inclusive and enjoyable environment. The range of features at Golf It! makes this a destination like no other. We want this to be a place where everyone from this great city and further afield can feel at home.
“Golf It! will enable people of all ages, abilities and backgrounds to be a part of a community-driven facility that levels the playing field and provides new pathways into golf. It marks a significant commitment by The R&A to take golf into communities that may never have seen it as a viable, family-friendly activity before.”

For fairways, for friends, for families, for fun.
For beginners, for pro’s.
For trail walkers and trailblazers.
Golf it! is golf for everyone.