On Bikes

Pick up a bike and cycle for miles! Located at the loch side and operated by St Paul's Youth Forum, On Bikes is a youth focused community bike charity based in Blackhill, North East Glasgow. For a small donation you can rent a bike, get yours fixed or even buy a new set of wheels. Working together we want to make cycling accessible to all regardless of your fitness, background or age.

On Bikes


With Seven Lochs to conquer in this urban oasis and over 50km of pathways to explore, it’s time to get your wheels muddy. On Bikes is open seven days a week so there’s no excuse not to get out and exploring either as a group or on your own. Fast or slow its time to go!

Benefits of Cycling

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Low Impact Exercise

It's easier on your joints compared to high-impact aerobic activities like running


Outdoor Pursuits

Seven Lochs is an adventurer's paradise with signposted trails to cycle the full route


Boost Your Mood

Can improve the symptoms of some mental health conditions like depression and anxiety

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Work It!

A good muscle workout– cycling uses all of the major muscle groups as you pedal.