The Games Room

The Games Room - our new indoor adventure golf course is located in the hub. There are 7 holes, each one with a different game to play - including pool, foosball, pinball and more! It’s a new fun experience for families, groups and players of all ages to test their skills and maybe even their teamwork! Play as a team or play against each other, it’s totally up to you!



Pool – This is pool like you’ve never played it before! With golf clubs! First to pot the black wins

Pinball – Ever wondered what it would be like to play golf on again pinball machine!? We’ve got prizes up for grabs for anyone who sinks a putt in one!

Fusball – This is where you decide if you’re a team or you’re rivals. Spin the putters to help or hinder your pals

Wobble Board – Get your ball onto the wobble board to sink your putt. Hop onto the wobble board to help other players sink their ball to the hole or knock it off course!


Swinging Symphony – One tee, 3 holes to choose from, doesn’t sound too bad does it? Unfortunately we’ve put rows of wind chimes in your way!

Turntables – The rules are easy: get your ball in the hole in as few shots as possible. The only thing standing in your way are 2 spinning wheels, ready to throw your ball of course!

Alley Ball – You’ve got 3 mysterious tunnels to choose from, which one will get you into the hole?

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Frequently Asked Questions

The Games Room starts from £5 for children and £7 for adults.

The Games Room opens from 8am until 10pm close. Last tee times will be 9pm.

The Games Room will take about 40mins to play.